Patience, Time and Persistence

Patience, Time and Persistence

I have previously wrote about Patience, Time and Persistence and the power of these 3 words.   Too many people think everything should be an over night success The done apply these 3 words to get the results they want

Work out everyday for a year and you might be amazed at what you can do.   Follow a paid diet program like Weight Watchers for 6 months  and see what happens to your weight.   People are impatient and look for results overnight.   In the celebrity and social media world we expect to have a 40 foot yacht and a Porsche on the day we graduate from high school.   We expect to have 4 or 5 weeks of vacation a year plus 10 paid holidays a year.

Unfortunately for most of us these things are just a wish, but that doesn’t mean that they could be a reality someday.   To get these things either material or non-material we need to practice Patience, Time and Persistence.

Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock” is one of my favorite success stories to follow.   His success is larger than life and maybe seems like it occurred overnight.   Interestingly his movie career started over 16 years ago.  Not all of his movies were a tremendous hit.   Before that he had a successful career as a professional wrestler.   Before that he won a national championship in college football.  The bottom line is Dwayne Johnson has been putting in his time.   Doing the work and keeping his eyes and mind open to opportunities.   Just look at the shape he is in now versus football and wrestling days.   It is an amazing transformation.

Don’t get impatient with your progress in life or career or other goals.   Keep showing up and working.  Setting goals and striving.  It may not happen this week or next.    You may only see small progress however one day  you will see the progress.   The great part about seeing the progress is that success builds momentum and then your progress speed starts to build.

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