What’s your motivation

If you are motivated wow, this world is tailored for you. The boundaries are all gone. You specific contributions will define your specific benefits.   Thomas Friedman

I am fascinated by the people that seem to have four different careers all at the same time.  Some of my favorite examples include “The Rock” or Tim Ferriss or Ryan Seacrest.   These people seem to have boundless energy, they host 2 TV or Radio shows, do commercials, write books, blog constantly, are producers, seem to constantly travel.   A lot of times, in fact most of the time, they come from humble beginnings.

How to they find the time and energy to accomplish all of this.  Were do they get the work ethic, the drive the motivation.  It is easy to rationalize that sure I would work that hard if you paid me $25 million a season or movie, however as you learn more about these people you realize that even before they were highly paid, super achievers, they were highly motivated, hard working super achievers.   They get up at 4 am, they exercise, they eat right, they are net-workers, they are easy to work with, they are willing to fail, they keep trying.

I read years ago, the more you do the more you find you can do, and conversely the more you sleep the more sleep you need.   Both sayings are a completely opposite ends of the spectrum.   The person that gets up at 4 am every day for an early morning news program does not typically get a lot of sleep.   If they want 8 hours they have to go to bed at 8 pm.

So where does the motivation start.   How do you find your motivation?   How can you accomplish more?   It starts with your goals and then your habits.   Do you have a lot of good habits or do you need to work on replacing some bad ones.   It take about 30 days of practicing a new habit to ingrain it into.   However, once you establish a new habit it helps drive you and you end up establishing other new positive habits.  On the goals and dreams side you have to know what you want and recognize that your ultimate goal may have several steps or hundreds of steps to get there.   The key is setting the goal, breaking it down into reasonable steps and then working toward accomplishing those steps and individual goals.

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