Don’t make it worse

Today what ever happens just don’t make it worse, don’t add emotions or anger to the situation.
Life is 1% what happens to us and 99% how we react to it.   Today there will be traffic jams and projects that don’t go correctly.   Tomorrow there might be snow.   All things that are out of our control.   How we react to the events that are out of our control is what makes the difference in having a great day or a poor one.    We can react negatively, or positively, however when bad things happen most of the time we just need to take the middle ground and either deal with the problem or shut up and move on.   A poor experience at a restaurant can ruin an even, alternatively go in with the right attitude and you can turn a disastrous evening into a hysterical and fun filled evening.
Just don’t make it worse is a great way to approach almost everything.   If you are not going to be part of the solution in a pleasant helpful manner, then maybe just stand down.   Ripping someone you don’t even know or worse yet that you do know, is not a pleasant way to spend an evening.   No one wins with this approach.   Calmly asking to talk to the manager, getting things correct, that is the way to go.   If the restaurant doesn’t correct it, they won’t last very long and you won’t have to worry about patronizing that place any longer because they won’t last long.
Just don’t make it worse!

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