Focus on the important

Focus each day on the most important versus being pulled into the mundane many.

Each day we are pulled in hundreds of directions.   We must make choices on where to spend our time, where we focus.   We can be distracted by our phones and social media when we are with loved ones or friends, or we can choose to focus.

At work, in our cars, or even when we are just trying to relax, sometimes it can be hard to just focus on one thing.

This one of the reasons that I enjoy going to the movies.  They don’t let you use your phones there.    I can’t bring a pile of magazines or newspapers to the movie theater either, it’s dark inside.   You just need to focus on the movie, it is wonderful.

It is like going on a vacation where there isn’t any cell service or WIFI.   At first you might be upset with the prehistoric conditions of your vacation spot.   However, after a while you might break out the board games, fall asleep reading a book, go for a long, undisturbed, walk, spend quality and quantity time with your loved one.   When you look back at that vacation you might remember how relaxing and unconnected it was, it might have felt like when you were a kid.   A time before smart phones, WIFI and LTE connections and our always on environment.

The choice is yours.   In a connected world we must choose when we are in the matrix and when we will step out and just focus.

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