Self Talk – Building Your Confidence

What do you say to yourself first thing in the morning?  It could be something you say in your mind or verbally.   Is it positive and filled with potential?   Or is it negative and filled with dread?  Is today going to be a great day or another dud?

Self talk is huge.   We can literally talk ourselves into anything.  Our minds have incredible potential with both the power to create and the power to destroy.     The phrase garbage in garbage out applies to our minds as well.   If we are perpetually hammering the negative we can stress ourselves out, bum ourselves out even before you leave the house.

Think about it, are you really helping yourself with your negative self talk?   How is it constructive?    Many people go through life with a black cloud hanging over them that is actually self imposed.   They look for the gray skies and they find them.   Wouldn’t it be better to find the silver lining in the gray skies?   Many people think that this approach might sound like pollyanna, however the alternative is negative Nelly.

Self talk can be in many different forms including affirmations.   If your not filling your mind with positive self talk it can be like a sailing ship without a rudder.

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