Creating memories

Success is the progressive realization of worthy dreams and memory creation.

We can chase the dollars and the possessions of the material world.  But in the end remember what they say, “you can’t take it with you”.   Think about creating more memories and enjoying more experiences with special people in life.    A special brunch for Mom’s 80th birthday, to fishing on a summer’s evening.   The events create memories, you and the people that created these memories will always have them.   Flipping through the pictures years later might even bring a tear to your eyes at how special and wonderful some of the events were.

A lot of families have special traditions at different times of year.   From summer BBQs on the holidays, to things they do every Christmas eve.   Creating these traditions has a huge impact on these events and years from now you might be surprised who comments on the traditions and how they have carried them on.   Or they miss them if they have mistakenly been dropped.

Focus when you can on creating the memories and events that will last a life time.

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