Do something today that your future self will thank you for

It is Saturday and the sun is shinning.  The birds and squirrels are having a great time at the bird feeder.   The squirrels did not get the memo that it is called a bird feeder.   Like most every Saturday it is wonderful to still be in my pajamas at 8:45 am and to look at my schedule and be pleased that I have nothing scheduled for the next 2 days.   Ahhhh!

On days like these it is easy to just sit back and let the day drift away.   Don’t get me wrong, I need to relax and take downtime and unplug, just like we all do.   I tend to be too work and money focused, and when I am not working on my job, I tend to be working on a side projects, reading something to improve myself or thinking.    Always thinking.   I think it is good to be always thinking.

This thinking leads me to ponder the question, what can you do today that your future self will thank you for.   Here are my ideas on things you can do today that you future self will thank you for.

  1. Take care of something that has been bugging you.   Ever have a project that you have been putting off?   Every time you walk by or think of the thing  that you need to take care of it bugs you, gnaws at you, and might even piss you off.   Simple things like, cleaning the garage, cleaning out your car, or not so simple things like getting your taxes done.    Why not make a list of things that are bugging you, if you want you can prioritize the list and then pick one and get it done.   Why not go crazy and do two things done?    If you don’t want to do two in one day set a goal to tackle one a day until that list is empty.   You will be amazed at how you feel, the sense of relief and the wonder of why you didn’t do that before.
  2. Get some exercise.   I have been a member of a gym on and off for years.    I am unfortunately challenge with a healthy appetite and a slow metabolism.    As a result, if I don’t exercise and do Weight Watchers or My Fitness Pal, I slip off the wagon and the number on the scale goes up.    As a result, I have to make time to exercise.    Over the last few years I have gotten back into bike riding.   I have cruiser type bike and it is wonderful since it allows me to get my heart rate up and it is easy on the joints when I push it hard.   We also recently bought a Life Fitness Elliptical for the home which is great for the same reason and is weather independent.  The point is get some exercise, if you can, do it everyday.    I try to heart train, which I like to define as a process of taking my heart beat up to 100, back down a little and then move up to 105, then 110, then 115 all the way up to 125.    I don’t get my heart of very high yet compared to some of my friends that can get theirs up to 180.   However, I find when I train this way I get the best results out of the workout.   Tends to give me the runners high which is awesome and pushes me through the rest of the day.   The exercise also clears my head and helps with anxiety.   I like to say that the 30 minutes you spend exercising is the most important 30 minutes of the day.
  3. Build a relationship.  I am a social person.  I like to network, talk with people on the phone and go to events were I don’t know anyone, so I can meet new people.   I tend to spend a lot of time in my car, driving to work, or a meeting.   The benefit of this windshield time is it allows me to reach out to friends and family, reconnect and build a relationships.    These calls might be to my kids, my parents, lining up friends for dinner over the weekend, talking to my wife, reconnecting with an old boss, etc.   The important thing is what can you do today to improve a relationship, restart one, or build one.  Can you make reservations at a new restaurant to enjoy a nice evening with your significant other.  If going out is not in the budget, why not find a cool dinner recipe that you could make together.   Get some tapered candles and a bottle of wine or some craft beers to share.   Turn on some music, open the wine, light the candles, and enjoy making the dinner together and relax.   I find if you can do 2 or 3 courses and take your time with the dinner it enhances the event.   It can be a simple as starting with a soup (can soup is fine) or a salad.  If that is too complicated, cracker and cheese as a starter.   The challenge is that relationships take time.    I have friends that I have know for decades and our contact and relations slowed down or disappeared.    It might have consisted of talking on the phone twice a year.   However, some of these have come back around and are now strong friendships and I am glad that I kept them going.
  4. Set some goals or review some goals.   Do you have any written goals?   If not your cheating yourself.   The power of writing it down is amazing.  Write down some goals in different areas of your life.   These goals could be in health, finances, relationships, spiritual, fun list or wish list.   The important thing is to write down the goals.   The next step is to review the goals and map out some next actions for each goal.    Then you have to circle back and look at those goals to determine if you are on the right path or have taken actions to move those goals forward.  Setting goals can also be done in the form of a vision board which is a can visual, picture based vision of things you would like to accomplish.

I am sure I can think of a lot of other things that you could do today that your future self would be thankful for.   I am sure you can think of a half a dozen as well.   The importance is to figure out what one or two of those items are and tackle them or do them and make it a weekly habit or a daily habit.

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