17 reasons to drink less alcohol or not at all!

My list of 17 reasons to drink less alcohol or not at all!  Do you ever ask yourself why do I drink so much?   Why do I always feel tired or hung over?   I asked myself the same questions.   I decided to give up drinking for Lent this year for a bunch of reasons.   Instead of having 1 or 2 drinks a day, my limit is now 2 drinks per week, as part of Lent the way I was raised you get Sunday off each week from fasting.   So I decided that the Sunday off could be floater and max of 2 drinks per week and I get to pick the day.   So why you should drink less alcohol or not a all, here is my list.

  1. Feel better – The first reason is I tend to feel better the next day.   I don’t have to wait until 1 pm or 3 pm to start feeling like I am actually waking up and ready to take on the day.   Unfortunately, the evenings that are more party evenings are typically, Friday and Saturday night.   As a result, I tend to feel more hung over on the weekend, which sucks because those are my days off and I want to have energy to do the things I want to do!
  2. Sleep better – I am sure that you have seen several new articles sleep-betterabout the fact that when you drink less or not at all you sleep better.   It seems counter intuitive because a drink or two can take the edge off and help you relax.   I always felt this way as well.   However, I have been using alternatives to take the edge off instead of drinking.   I have always heard that if you want to replace a bad habit the best way to do this is to replace it with a good habit.   My alternatives to taking the edge off are, 1.  drinking sleepy time tea in the evening or  2.  drinking decaf coffee,  or 3. drinking milk.
  3. Reduced calories and weight loss – Last year, I did My Fitness Pal App for 5 months straight and lost 30 pounds.  They I kind of hit a wall and the weight loss stopped.   Over the last week or so, since I stopped drinking and restarted My Fitness Pal I have lost 5 pounds.   There is no doubt that drinking is a lot of extra calories, if you consider each beer is 80 to 150 calories, each glass of wine is around 120 calories depending on the pour size.  Bottom line drinking less is helping me reduce my calories.
  4. Prolong your life – I know there are on and off stories about how red wine is good for your heart.   I have told myself that as well.    However, everything in moderation is probably a better plan.
  5. Not abusing yourself or aging yourself prematurely –    Have you ever met someone from your high school or college days 20 or 30 years later and you think my gosh they look 20 years older than me, they look terrible.   Or may the opposite you see someone and they look 20 years younger than you.   Maybe they or you have been abusing yourself and you are prematurely aging yourself with too much alcohol.
  6. Determine if you have a dependency or not and detox –  Ever wonder if you have a drinking problem?   Do you have a dependency on alcohol or worse?   When you stop drinking or dramatically reduce your drinking you prove to yourself that you don’t have a dependency or worse.   The other side of it is you give your body a chance to detox.  I am sure we have all had a fantastic vacation somewhere and of course when you are on vacation the alcohol tends to flow even more, and when you get back from vacation your think, man, I need to take it easy for a while and detox on both food and alcohol!
  7. Save money – I am kind of funny in the money things that I worry about.  For example my wife will buy this expensive type of hand soap and it bothers me.   It is like $6 bucks and last for a month.   However, I think nothing of ordering a glass of wine in a restaurant that cost $8 and last 15 minutes.   The fact is when you stop drinking or drink less you save a lot of money.    Since we started this little experiment with not drinking we went out to dinner the other night at Cracker Barrel.     We hadn’t been there in a long time, we didn’t go there because you couldn’t get a drink there.   We both order dinners and the bill was around $20.    Most of the time when we go out the bill is $50 or $75 or more depending on the level of restaurant and the level of the bottle of wine we ordered.   We have also been to the grocery store 2 times recently and since we are not drinking at home either, we didn’t need to buy more wine at $10 to $15 a bottle, because the wine we bought is still there.   Bottom line, you save money when you drink less or not at all.
  8. Better performance at work –  Unless your are independently wealthy, which I hope you are, we all probably think about how can we do a better job and get ahead in our careers.   Drinking less or not at all especially on work nights will definitely help you get up earlier and be bright eyed and bushy tailed at the office, job site or factory the next day, don’t you think?
  9. Not hung over all the time – This one really ties in to item numberanimals-hangover-2 1 in the list.     I want more energy and to invest time in the things I want to do.   When I am hung over or slightly hung over I don’t feel like I can invest the brain power or physical energy to do the things I want to do.
  10. Wake up faster, not tired all the time – You can get out of bed faster and you don’t need a nap or feel like you need a nap in the afternoon.
  11. Won’t need as much caffeine – In America we are known for coffee drinking, we fuel up and perk up on coffee and then we cool down and chill out with alcohol.   Does that make sense for us to do this.   If you drink less alcohol, you should need less caffeine to get going.    Less stimulants and less depressants, seems like and all good thing to me?    Remember the stories of Elvis and Michael Jackson, they both struggle with an most likely died from the abuse of both stimulants and depressant substances.
  12. Prove self control – As part of fasting, you really learn and re-learn self control.   By not drinking it is proving to myself that I self-controlhave self control and I get all the benefits listed in the article.
  13. More awake during day – This is probably redundant, similar to some of the other benefits list hear.   However your are more awake, your sharper, more creative when you drink less alcohol.   Why do you think pilots aren’t suppose to drink so many hours before they fly.    They have to be awake and alert to do there best on there job.
  14. More time to read, write, think –  This item ties directly to the more energy item.    I like to read the WSJ, NYT, online etc.   By drinking less alcohol I am have more time to do this and find myself enjoying these things much later into the evening then when I have even one drink and end up falling asleep on the couch and wasting and evening falling asleep at 8 pm.
  15. Concentrate on what you want to work on vs. being in a fog too much –  Sometimes I feel like I am not longer a morning person, I feel like the days are kind of foggy.    We have one wine that we drink and the name Wente Morning Fog and we would always joke about that you are going to be in a fog in the morning.   By drinking less or not at all this goes away!
  16. Safer your not driving after you had some drinks –  If you had oneno-due drink in 30 minutes and jumped in your car and got pulled over you would blow legally drunk.   This fact scares me, I would request a blood test and of course would be arrested and taking to jail.   However, drinking less is safer, unless your are luck enough to be able to walk to the bar or Uber home all the time, if you have one or two drinks and then you drive, it is a risk and not safe.
  17. You think more –  I drink to not think or not worry to shut my mind off.  But then I can’t think about the stuff that I want to think about.   For example my personal business ideas, my work ideas, house projects, it saps my energy and I feel hung over as I have explained above.    Thinking is what I want to do.  I don’t want to work

I hope you have enjoyed my list of reasons to drink less or not at all.   I welcome the comments and additional reasons to drink less alcohol or not at all.

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