What does it mean to have a life without challenges

A young unwed mother decides that she will give up her baby for adoption. She wants to ensure that her baby will have a chance for success and requires that both of the adoption parents have a college education. The future parents are selected and everything appears to be set.

At the time of the birth the future parents decide at the last minute to change their mind and adopt a baby girl instead. The backup parents, neither of which have a college education, are called and they want to adopt this baby. The birth mother requires them to ensure that the baby will have a college education, since neither of the adoptive parents have a college education and that was the mother’s original requirement. They willing agree to the mother’s terms and they adopt the baby boy and life goes on.

Eighteen years later when college time comes their son decides to go to a very expensive college. The parents are of modest means and are spending their retirement income to pay for college. The young man finds himself somewhat aimless and wandering in college. He does not see the need for college, and does not want his parents to spend their retirement on something he does not find useful. He formally drops out college and decides to just drop in on the classes that are most interesting to him. This young man, the son of adoptive parents, without a college education does not appear to have the world buy the horns. He goes on to start a highly successful company which goes public and is eventually fired from. Later in life he is diagnosed with a terminal disease which he momentarily beats. This young man had some challenges, this young man was Steve Jobs.

What does it mean to have a life without challenges?

Does it mean enough money, lack of relationship issues, freedom from stress, no health issues? Unfortunately, most of us will continue to have challenges or problems in our lives. In fact reality maybe that life without challenges can only be called one thing and that might be…death. Now you might be disappointed in this conclusion, however, life without challenges in most cases does not exist. Life with new challenges, dreams, and goals can exist and does exist for many people. Does it exist for you, and can you thrive with the challenges versus just survive

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